The DS roXXorz my soXXorz!!

No really!

The DS is probably one of the best designs for a game system to come along since the GameBoy (and I had a GameBoy, GB Color, and I have a GBA SP).

The DS I got is blue (w00t!) and it came with Animal Crossing: Wild World.  I also got Mario Kart DS (ref. post below!) which is an awesome game as well.  I have an “original” DS, which means it’s not the DS Lite, but that’s ok.  The DS Lite (DSL) sounds nice, but I do like the one I have.  Anyway, it’s blue!  :)  It was also the last one in Saginaw (according to my mother).

Ok.  Animal Crossing: Wild World (AC:WW) is an awesome game!  It sucks you in, kind of like The Sims.  You start out and move into a town and then have to make enough money to pay off your loan (20,000 bells, yipe!) you got from the store owner, Tom Nook.  To do that, you start out by being a messege boy (or girl) for Nook.  You introduce yourself to everyone in the town, do some planting, send a letter, do a couple deliveries, and post a messege on the bulletin board.  It’s all really easy stuff, and you get paid for it (1,400 bells).  To make more money, you can collect shells and apples and sell them to Tom.  You can also check the lost and found box for anything that looks good.  Even the trash (!) is a good place to find stuff (I found a blue bench there and sold it for about 400 bells!).  Shaking trees is a good way to find money or stuff.  You have to be careful though, because some bees make a home in trees (a different one each day) and you can get stung.  You have to take medicine you get from the store to get better.

Mario Kart DS (MKDS) is an awesome game as well.  If you’re familiar with the Mario Kart games for the Nintendo franchise, it’s more of the same but with a slight twist.  You choose a character and a kart and start racing.  Some of the tracks are new, and some of the tracks are “vintage”.  You can race tracks from the first Mario Kart (SNES) all the way up to the most recent one (GC).  I quite like the “vintage” tracks, as well as the new ones.  Many of them are slightly difficult, but that’s totally fine with me!

Off to play more AC:WW!!

2 thoughts on “The DS roXXorz my soXXorz!!”

  1. Yeah, I was disgustingly addicted to AC:WW when I got my DS Lite a couple months ago, and still play with it pretty regularly. I have yet to play online (visit the towns of my friends), but last night we added my DS mac address to the wireless network in our house so I can connect – that should add a nice element to the game!

    I still need to pick up Mario Kart DS…

  2. :)

    Glad to see somebody else addicted to it.

    I set it up at my brother’s Fraternity house (we have no wireless *sniff*… but there’s a wireless cafe near my house, YAY!). It would be way cool to be able to do the online sharing, but the game is very rich in single player.


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