Christmas Swag!


It sounds selfish, but I did get what I wanted for Christmas.

  1. Nintendo DS
  2. Mario Kart DS
  3. The DaVinci Code DVD
  4. Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube Game)
  5. Evanescance CD (new one)
  6. Vince Gill boxed set, his newest one
  7. CANDY!!!  (I luff those peanut butter trees!)
  8. Some money from the relations
  9. A flashlight (one of those wind-up ones, great for when the power goes out and you can’t find a light with a good battery in it [don’t laugh, it’s happened to me!!])

Cool huh?  But what I really wanted I had without all the swag; the ability to stay at home with my mom and brother and enjoy the day together.  That was the best present of all.  :)