KDE, Kopete, and Alternative Browsers

I’m still using KDE and i absolutely LOVE it!  KDE has a very slick interface, and feels very smooth and responsive.

Chat with Elebrin in Kopete:

(18:42:31) > gnome has a little bit more of a “i’m linux, i’m here for work” feel to it
(18:42:43) > KDE is more like “ohhhh, shines”
(18:43:57) > and Windows is like *clunk, bang* “oooof, i forgot to tie my shoes again”

All said by me.

It’s true.  Gnome is really stripped down and the tiniest hair sluggish on my machine (I have no clue as to why), KDE has more “shinies” to it (faster response time, etc) and Windows is slower than crap on my machine.  It is weird that way, because I thought my machine was pretty fast when I had Windows on it.  That was before I got (K)Ubuntu.


I’m also giving Kopete a whirl.  So far I like it.  It has all the “bling” that one should have in an IM program, and seems to be very responsive.  It also fades into the KDE icon set.

I like the sounds, the interface, the way metacontacts are handled, and (here’s the real kicker) the way file downloads work.  The file transfer just WORKS!  Woo-hoo!  I had loads of issues with Gaim and the handling of file transfers.  Granted (in Kopete) I just tried it in MSN, but I had issues with all of the protocols when I was using Gaim.


I’ve put up an “Alternative Browser” button on my LiveJournal and Myspace profiles.  Hop on over there to check it out!  It’s to show that I support W3C compliant browsers.  (I’m using Flock right now.)

Alternative Browser Alliance promotes alternative web browsers like: Flock, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Konquorer, etc.  It has links to download any of the alternative browsers it lists.  :)