Again, with the Flock…

Ok.  I got Flock working in Ubuntu, which is good and bad.  Let me list again:


  1. Installation went without a hitch.  I just followed the directions and it all worked very well.
  2. Same easy-to-use interface as Windows.
  3. Simple.


  1. Blogging.  This was mentioned in the previous post, so I won’t go over it.
  2. Bookmarking.  I’m having a problem with the Delicious bookmarking through it.  It won’t log in to Delicious so I can tag and upload my bookmarks, but I have everything uploaded right now (yay).
  3. Speed.  For some reason, loading pages that aren’t in my cache is really slow.  This is the opposite I noticed in Windows: speed was increased switching to Flock from Firefox.  Weird.

So, in Ubuntu, I will be using Firefox.  Not to diss the Flock team, but I find it runs better under Windows than Ubuntu.  That’s the nice thing about choice; you can choose what you want to view webpages.  I like choice and advocate it.  :)