More about Flock

I’m sure all of you are sick and tired of hearing about Flock.  Well, here we go again.

I’ve configured the browser to deal with bookmarks a little differently.  I didn’t like the whole delicious thing…  I’ll admit that I was a little parinoid.  But, I decided to give it a shot again.  So, I enabled all the sharing and all that. 

I also downloaded a delicious bookmarks sidebar that allows me to look at my bookmarks by tag.  The tagging system is a good idea, and I support it.  I can click on a tag and it opens shows those bookmarks…  I have some that are generic (Sport, FunStuff, etc) and some that are more specific (Hockey, Blogs, etc).  It’s quite nice.

Delicious also has improved their website so it’s much better at deleting, adding and re-tagging your bookmarks.  It also does a much better job of importing bookmarks.  That is very important to me.

I still am not satisfied with the blogging aspect of Flock.  I will be updating through the LJ website until the Flock team get the stuff I want in it.  I sent in some feedback on it, so they might add it in.  It seems that other people have been asking for more LJ friendly options (security settings, userpics, mood, etc). 

2 thoughts on “More about Flock”

  1. I do prefer the old one. Not being able to make my own HTML is a little irritating, but I find myself using the list feature and stuff more.

    I was confused as to where the userpics drop down was, but I found that out pretty quick.

    It has some good points, and some bad points, but overall, I prefer the old setup better.


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