More Views on IE7

Ok.  I did a quick test that showed that IE7 is more flawed than Firefox or Flock.  When I had 10 tabs (maybe more, I was trying to get my RSS feeds) it hung.  It hung really bad.  IE7 also had a bunch of tabs 404 on me, and I know the sites are there.  I guess when it’s looking for a bunch of sites at once, it has issues.  Firefox and Flock both have these problems, but not nearly as bad as IE7.

With the bad must come the good (I hope) but what makes IE7 better than other browsers is it’s handling of RSS feeds.  It has a RSS button up at the top of the tab bar, and if you click it, the page will display how the RSS feed will look.  Just click on the “Subscribe to this Feed” and *bam* you have it. 

The popup blocker is pretty strong.  I still wouldn’t use it on a pop-up heavy site because they might get through.  I love Flock and Firefox because they don’t display popups unless you initiate them.  Very nice.