Has anyone used MediaMonkey? It’s a music database program that organizes your MP3’s and OGG’s and such. It seems to be working out for me. That in conjunction with FreeRipMP3 and being on the ‘net all day has allowed me to rip and enjoy my music. :)

I’ve figured it out… I’ll have to move all my stuff to my other hard drive. I’m ripping at 192 bitrate (which is fine for my speakers… I don’t have uber speakers that sound super great, and this bitrate will be fine for a MP3 player should I choose to buy one for myself for Christmas.). At this rate, I’ll have 6 gig (or more!!) of music. It depends on if I do ALL my music. I have some overlap in songs (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Widespread Panic) so I won’t rip some stuff (Johnny Cash; “Murder”, for instance).

It will be nice to have all of it on my machine. I’ll be able to listen to music while doing stuff on the computer (blogging, paper writing, browsing) and I won’t have to keep switching CD’s.