Gaim 2.0beta4

How many people here are using Gaim 2.0? How many have upgraded to beta4? And how many of you like it?

I love it. Sadly, I don’t have it installed under Ubuntu, because I don’t feel like building it. I either want a .deb or a repo to install from. It is just so much easier that way.

Why I like Gaim2.0beta4:

1. The way the menus are organized. Some people (namely my brother and other power-users) don’t like the way the menus are organized. They have the preferences and the plugins separated. This is fine by me.

2. Status change is much easier. I like the way the new status changer works. It’s on the bottom of the window, and it saves your 5(?) most recent status changes. Pick one, and you’re away!

3. Buddy icon changer. Finally! A universal buddy-icon changer! This was needed a long time ago, IMHO. It’s the way Trillian did it and I think it’s the way it should be done. You pick what icon you want and *BAM!* it’s there. No opening up each account and changing the icon.

4. Seems more stable. I dunno, this is just my little perception.