The roof looks really good. It was very noisy when they were putting it on, but that’s ok. They even cleaned out the gutters! Gotta love a company that does that! We got it done by Vondette. If there’s anyone in the Saginaw area that needs a roof (and owns their house) give them a call. They do good work.


We cleaned up the yard today. Dang that took forever! We cleaned up all the leaves and sticks. I’m glad our neighbor had the trees taken out. She had the HUGE one in the back taken out, as well as a large clump of trees taken out directly in the back.

The really large, lone one was responsible for about half of our leaves.

The problem with our yard is that not only is it large, it has cottonwoods in it. These trees are really dirty all year long. If anyone who reads this is thinking about doing some landscaping and putting trees in, DON’T get cottonwoods. You’ll be spending every weekend cleaning up after them. They shed sticks and branches every time there’s a windstorm.


Yesterday, I went to Frankenmuth with Kate and my mom. That was great! We went to the Z-Cafe and got lunch, then went over to Rau’s and browsed around. We ended up getting some candy (for our mugs we’re selling at the bazaar). I ended up getting some stick candy. It’s some of my favorite stuff.

We hit up The Woolen Mill and looked at all the pretty sweaters and cool hats they had. :) We had to try on all the hats! They had some cool ones by Mental.

We then went to the bead store. Ah, the bead store! They have loads of cool stuff in there. We all wandered around like kids in a candy store, looking at all the cool beads. I found a sweet ring and a charm bracelet. All of us love the bead store.


I am so tired and sore. I think it’s time for me to lay on the couch and fall asleep.