Helping People with their Computers…

It’s been a day.

Today I helped Helen get her computer up and running. She bought a Compaq and needed some help getting it set up and all that. So…

First, I had to delete all the CRAP that was put on there. That really irritates me. Why the heck do computer manufacturers put a bunch of unnecessary crap on the computer? They could pack a CD with all that info on it if they wanted.

After that, I set up MS Office for her. It was installed, but she needed it activated.

Then we got the internet working. I installed Firefox and Gaim and got her set up with MSN. I showed her how to use the internet, showed her some of the cool stuff she can do with it, and also showed her how to use Gaim. I hope she uses it.

That took a while. Most of the time was spent deleting the crap off of the computer. Another large portion of time was spent installing stuff. I got her Comodo Firewall and Anti-virus. Those should keep her safe for a while. I also set her up with Edwido Anti-Spyware. If she follows the recommended schedule, she will be safe.

I also got her an email address and showed her how to use it.


I like showing people the stuff they can do with their computers. It’s cool to show somebody and have them understand what I’m telling them. Anyway, I hope she understood what I was telling her.


Off to watch TV. I’m tired.

EDIT: I can’t get my flow down on what I write. My writing sounded horrible after I let it sit for a couple days.

3 thoughts on “Helping People with their Computers…”

  1. Why pre-install lots of stuff instead of including CDs?

    1) Because the masses don’t know how to install stuff. Keep in mind that you had to install MS-Office for your friend. I just recently did an MS-Office install on my new computer and it ain’t that tough. But you did it for your friend because she wouldn’t/couldn’t do it herself. So, pre-installing the stuff is the main way to make sure that the end user actually gets it.

    2) Because the various other companies pay the manufacturers good money to have that software pre-installed. Classic capitalism at work.

  2. Actually, she had it pre-installed. I just had to activate it for her.

    I think that all the stuff that comes with a new computer should be put on CDs. Then the person can choose what to put on the computer when they are playing with it.

    I guess this is just coming from a user that knows what she’s doing. I don’t like a lot of crap on my computer when I buy it.


  3. I wouldn’t mind all the preinstalled stuff if it was actually useful and Free – like firefox and gimp. Instead it’s all proprietary junk that you often have to pay a premium to use.

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