‘Nother Update

Been busy (as usual…). Here’s a quick update on what’s been up.


I mucked up my computer. Well, not all of my computer, just the Ubuntu side of it. I was having some issues with Firefox and some other stuff, so I deleted some stuff. Well, it was the wrong stuff, so I had to reinstall Ubuntu. Not too hard… About 15 minutes of waiting for it to install (After picking the partitions… that part made my palms sweat, seeing that I didn’t do a backup. I didn’t want to pay the stupid tax.) and about 3 days of waiting for the updates to install. I’m still waiting for them, as I type.

Anyway, I got Flock up and running, with extensions. I’ve decided not to update Firefox until 2.0 comes out as a full release. No more beta or release candidate stuff for me. It just takes too much to fiddle with. I don’t feel like it.

I got Gaim 2.0 working. I cheated and went with a couple repos to do it. I could have downloaded the tars and installed them that way, but it’s much faster and easier to use the repos. They get all the “other” stuff you need to run the program. Like extra libraries. :) Gotta love Synaptic and apt. :)


Myspace is driving me nuts. It says “New Messages” in bright red text in my “notifications” box. Click on it (after waiting for about 3 flashy ads *go flashblock, go* it shows… wait for it… nothing! Nothing! The “messages” pages says “showing 1-5 of 5 messages” but there is nothing there! Grrr. So I sent a email to Myspace, telling them about it. The email I got back was something to the effect of “Did you enable messages?”. Grrrr. “No, you idiots, I don’t see any messages on the ‘message’ page. Did you even READ my email?” I sent them another email, rephrased my question, and got an actual response. Well… Sort of. “We are looking into the problem.” Good thing I don’t rely on Myspace to chat with my friends. It seems VERY flaky.


I had the WORST headache last night and this morning. Seriously, like it was a migraine. I took Excedrin Migraine last night around 10:30 or so, and it’s 24 hour medicine. So, I wake up with a brain-splitter, and I’m totally worried about how I can function. My mom and I were planning on going to a craft show over at the Ryder Center (SVSU) and see what they had. We ended up going and getting breakfast and then she went to the show by herself. My brother and I watched some cartoons after I took some Aleve (I know, I know… I HAD to have something!). I was feeling better around lunchtime. We ended up going to Barnes & Noble, but they didn’t really have anything I wanted. We came back home and chilled.


Men in Trees is my new obsession. It’s totally an awesome show. Anne Heche is FUNNY. The whole cast is funny. I love it. It’s perfect… I can spend til 9 playing a game or on the computer then watch Men in Trees and Numb3rs. They’re the best thing to come to Friday night (on TV) since JAG moved there a while ago. JAG’s done *sob* but these shows seem to be good. Men in Trees seems to have a Northern Exposure type of humor, but it’s an hour long. Funny shit, even with a migraine.


Tigers swept Oakland! Hell yeah! World Series, here we come! D-Town is gonna BUST DOWN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!!! The Tigers have SUCKED for so long, it’s not even funny. 22 years, baby. Tix are going for over 200 a pop at Comerica. Doesn’t surprise me. Wings tix went for upwards of 500 when they were winning and in the playoffs. I still think hockey is better than baseball though.

Speaking of sports… I gotta find a better football team to root for. The Lions SUCK. They have NEVER won… anything. It’s so sad. I almost feel sorry for Miami, since they got Harrington. He’s cursed.


I’m off to watch some TV. Mullberry should be on at 8:30, then it’s Red Green. That’s totally funny too. :)

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  1. I’m a Spartans fan. That’s like rooting for the Avalanche. I’m blood enemies with them. Sorry.


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