I’ve gone back to WizzRSS. Good RSS reader, and Sage was kind of irritating me a little bit with the whole “open a new tab” thing that it does. Sage doesn’t have the snippets inside the sidebar, like WizzRSS does. I might go back to Sage later. I can always download it if I want it. :)

Still no All-in-one Sidebar. :( I really like that sidebar. It makes the top of my browser cleaner. I’ll just keep checking back and see if they’ve updated it.

3 thoughts on “213”

  1. I’ve been using web-based Bloglines for the past month or so, and I really love it – I can keep track of podcasts too! Web-based has been best for me since I regularly use three different computers on two different operating systems.

  2. Cool.

    I tried Google RSS and didn’t like it too much. You couldn’t delete stuff collectively.

    I might have to try Bloglines. The nice thing about WizzRSS is that you have an account, and as long as you have the plugin in Firefox, you can see all your feeds. I haven’t had any problems with it.


  3. Google RSS has gotten better. You can delete feeds in bulk now. It’s much more usable.


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