Just booted into Ubuntu for the first time in a week or so. I’ve been busy working on the Windows side of my machine (paper, Solid Edge, games) so I haven’t logged in over here. I downloaded the newest .tar.gz of Flock. It’s 0.7.5 or something. Good stuff. I need to mess with it and fiddle with getting everything just the way I want it. I’m having some issues with the bookmark synching. It’s irritating. I got it updated in Windows, but I erased the program completely and started from scratch… because I fubar-ed the stupid bookmark synching… bah.

I also got Firefox 2.0 for Ubuntu, but I think I’m going to be sticking with what I have. I’d have to compile it and do the whole make and make install thing and I don’t feel like it right now. I just want to blog and surf and read my news. Today is not a good day for me to muck with my computer I guess. The only thing I need in FF 2.0 is the sidebar. Then it will be perfecto! I love the sidebar. I can have all sorts of stuff at easy access off to the left (or right) of my screen. You know, like Sage, Adblock, Flashblock, bookmarks, downloads, history, themes, etc. Saves loads of room up top.


Another thing…

I’ve been getting incredible connect speeds for my dial-up(!) modem in Windows. Somewhere along the lines of 115 Kb/s! Is this normal with the built-in Windows drivers for a 56K external modem? Will it burn the modem up? Am I doing something illegal or crazy?


The weather is crappy today. A good day to plop in a chair and do nothing… Which is what my mom is doing since she has a monster of a sinus headache. I haven’t done much either… Let me see, today I’ve:

1. got up
2. took a shower and got dressed
3. ate breakfast
4. did laundry (almost done!)
5. watched Martha
6. figured out what was on those unlabeled tapes I brought home from my apartment
7. updated my computer

Not too much, as you can see. I guess I feel lazy today. Blah.


Now I’m off to finish the updates for Ubuntu and maybe get some lunch…

2 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. Regarding your modem:

    No modem has ever transferred faster than 9600bps for a VERY long time now. What you’re seeing when a modem connects at 14400, or even 57600 is compressed data streams. Your modem might have a freakishly cool compression protocol working. It’s the way the modem works; don’t worry about it. I doubt you’re getting true 115200 speeds, though. Almost no one uses that kind of compression, despite what your screen may tell you.

  2. Ah.

    It says 115.2Kbps right now. Things seem to be loading pretty well on the Windows side of my computer.

    I checked on the details of my modem, and it says it has no compression. Meh. I’ll take my freakishly fast connection speeds for right now. :)


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