Updates, Holy Cow!

I have been busy.


Let me start with last week. On Saturday (9/23) we helped clean his apartment. It was kinda messy, but not as bad as when he moved into that one, for sure! On Sunday (9/24) we did prep for the Harvest Dinner (which was 9/25). That started at about 9:30 or so and went until 3, when we took a break for dinner (Sullivan’s, on Gratiot, uber good food, btw). After we were done with dinner, the rolls were done rising, so we baked them. We only had a little bit more to do after dinner, but I was kept busy all day doing dishes. I kept up the many pots and pans that everybody used when they were making things. Everything looked so good!

On Monday, it was time to actually “put on” the dinner. We arrived at 10 and started with helping with the pies. I was put on dish duty again (I think they like me to do the dishes!) and washed bowls, pots, pans, and silverware. I was halfway through the pie pans, when my mom informed me that Richard had arrived. I went out and ate with him. It was nice. All the food was good. So good, in fact, we ran out of food by 6! We were supposed to serve until 6:30, but the food didn’t last that long. I guess the word got out! It was really good. I had some turkey, dressing (or stuffing, whatever you call it), green beans, rolls with butter and some apple pie. The apple pie was awesome (Sharon was in charge of it, so it was good) as was all of the food. I ended up with water and coffee to drink.

After that we were really tired. Between the prep and serving and whatnot, we didn’t have much time to recover. I think Martha brought in at least a thousand dollars. Not bad, eh?

Now, on Tuesday, we rested up a bit, and then went down to Flint to help move the rest of his stuff from his old apartment to his new apartment. We also cleaned out the fridge and did some touch up stuff.

Wednesday we did nothing. NOTHING!!! I read a little, watched some TV, worked on my Solid Edge stuff, but didn’t do much else. We spent a lot of time sitting. It felt nice.

Thursday, we mowed the lawn. Joy. Not much to say about that.

Friday we cleaned the house. Again, not much to say there either, except that the house needed to be cleaned.

Now, this brings us to Saturday, which I will continue after the break…


On Saturday, we went to Alpena for the Alpena Nile Club visitation. It was a long drive there, but we went up the coast of Michigan (very beautiful!). We stopped at Jackie’s cottage as a midpoint and ate sub sandwiches. She has a really nice cottage, with a wonderful view. It’s kind of out, but it’s nice.

We finally got into Alpena and checked in to the hotel. We visited Jim and Sharon in their room, had a drink (Bailey’s straight up) and visited for a while. Soon we had to go change and get over to the Masonic Center up there for dinner and the meeting. Dinner was at 6 with the meeting afterward. Boy was it good! They had a choice ham or Swiss steak, peas, salad, fresh veggies and dip, rolls and butter, dressing (or stuffing…) and pie! :) They had a choice of apple, cherry, pumpkin or lemon meringue. I had apple.

The members had their meeting, and then after, they gave out the door prizes and did the silent auction. I didn’t bid and I didn’t get the door prize either. I don’t win things!

The Nile Club had collected a large load of stuff for the orthopedic hospital. We loaded all of it into Betty Jo’s van. It was to be delivered to our house on Sunday. (woo!) After all that, we went back over to the hotel. I played some video games at the arcade they had, and had a drink with everybody. The party ended around 10 (they pooped out early! :-P) and we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Sunday was our trip back. After breakfast, we went up to present a life membership to a lady who did lots for Nile. That was in Roger’s City, even further north than Alpena! We had a nice visit with her, then started back downstate to get home. It was a lot of driving. We stopped for a bathroom break a couple times along the way (at an IGA… I got a candy bar and some gum) and for lunch in Standish. It might have been more south than that, but I’m not sure. Anyway, lunch was good. We stopped at a diner along 23 just north of Bay City/Midland. They advertised their pizza as “the best in the area” so, naturally, I had to try it. It was really good. Really, really good. :) So, they were right!


Whew. I’ve been super busy. Might be time for a break. :)