Harvest Dinner

The Harvest Dinner is tomorrow (9/24/06) in Saginaw, MI at the Masonic Temple on Center, between Weiss and Shattuck. Come out for turkey and all the trimmings from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. Cost is $7.50 for adults and $3.50 for children. Everything is included, from drink to meal to dessert. It is put on by Martha Washington Order of the Eastern Star #113.

If you’re in the Saginaw area, come on out for a good meal!

4 thoughts on “Harvest Dinner”

  1. I’m joining in a couple months. My mom is.

    My dad was a member of Pioneer Lodge 79 here in Saginaw. He was also a Shriner. :)

    I’m joining Nile next year when my mom is Queen (she’s Royal now).

    I didn’t know you knew anything about it. I didn’t really broadcast it when I was at school.


  2. My grandmother was OES, and it came up in a conversation with my dad a few weeks ago. That was why I asked.

  3. Cool. Didn’t know that.

    It’s nice to see other people other than me have Masonic affiliations. I guess it’s more common than I realized.


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