I just got an email from CAMLogic in Oxford about a job! W00tness!

They were like, “call us to set up an interview, our hours are 8-5 M-F”. I got the email at 4:35. Not bad for a cold email to a company I found on craigslist. :)

This is very exciting. I have the chops for it (I think) with all my CAD and CAE experience (I*Deas). I enjoy doing that sort of thing, especially working in a group to create a cool new part. The only thing I don’t want to do is try to sell stuff to people.

Oh, and I applied to Radio Shack to be a “sales associate”. Woo. I don’t do cell phones, but I can help people who want to build electronics stuff. I think. I did take that one class in school… Maybe I’m not qualified to help people, but I can run a register. I’m good at that.

How cool would it be for me to move back down to the Metro Detroit area? I just moved back! *Sigh* Stuff happens. I can think of all the good things that would happen: career advancement, money, independence, possibly a new car, cable or high speed internet… I can also think of only a few things that would keep me here: some friends I’ve made, the Bookcrossing meetups, Crumbs, time with my family…

I do think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And my friends I’ve made up here can come down and visit ( this means you! :-D). I can also reschedule the Bookcrossing meetups for the weekend. I could… I’d have to check with the other group members, but I think it would work. :-D

I’m excited. I hope I get it. I know, I know, I shouldn’t get excited about it because I’ve been let down hard before, but this seems different. I hope it happens.