Is awesome!

Hit up http://www.flock.com to get the lowdown.

I tried this browser a while ago, and I had loads of problems with it. I didn’t like the way it handled my RSS feeds, and my bookmarks. I had a few problems with the way it rendered some stuff, and it didn’t log into my gmail.


All of that has changed! w00tness! It is a solid browser, with a couple of things to get used to. It’s all about social bookmarking and sharing stuff. You can blog inside it, you can use your delicious bookmarks with it, and it handles RSS really well. I love the RSS feature. It makes using RSS better… You just gotta try it for yourself.

I guess you gotta go into it with the idea that it’s something different. An experiment, if you will.

A note: If you want to use the delicious bookmark system, you gotta sign up for an account first. I found that out the hard way…

Oh… Another reason to use it is that it’s super easy to install under Ubuntu. :)

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