Dulcimer Festival

We went to the Midland Dulcimer Festival yesterday. It had loads of great music. We went to the afternoon stage show and the evening stage show, with dinner at Applebee’s inbetween.

There were lots of people there in the afternoon, but when we came back from dinner, it was packed! Before dinner, we had decent seats… not too many people in front of us, and pretty close. When we came back, we were at least 4 rows back from where we were! Lots of people, but we could still see. The way people were seated, we could see between their heads. It was cool.

Lots of hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, lap dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, harp, and a toothpick. Yes, I said a toothpick! The guy was plinking it against his teeth. The group following said something to the effect of “they say never to follow animals or children. We add: never follow a guy playing a toothpick!”. I thought that was funny. :)

I bought a CD: “The Blackest Crow” by Atwater-Donnelly. The music is solid, with loads of traditional music on it (some even recorded in the 20s and 30s by The Carter Family) and some newer stuff. All acoustic, mostly strings (mountain dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and banjo), with piano, spoons and bodhran.

Folk music is really cool, and one of my passions. I can’t play, but I love to listen. I’ve been going to the Subterranean Strings concerts on the fourth Wednesday of June, July and August. It’s fun to listen to great music outdoors. They’re mostly a hammered dulcimer group, with many other stringed instruments as well. They sound great, and if anybody’s in the area, you should come by and take a listen!

Also, don’t forget about the Crow! They have awesome music too. I need to get over there. They’re closed this coming weekend (it’s labor day) but they’ll be open the week after. I have the link over on the left. Check it out!