More Updates

Time to update… it’s been a while.


I got my Ubuntu shipit CDs. Very cool. Well, I got them last week, but I’m still excited about it. I like my shipit CDs. Nice packaging, and I got 4 stickers. Gave one to and he liked it. :-D

I also made copies for of the Mac PPC disc. I have copies for other people too. I just need to give the dual-core one away. Or a copy of it, at least.


I’ve fiddled with my layout and style again. I can’t seem to make up my mind.


I’m going to the Dulcimer Festival in Midland tomorrow. I’ll have to post an update after I get back and tell what happened there. I like the music, and I hope I can score a good CD from there too. :)


I’m off to read or something. There is a load of nothing on TV tonight. Poo.

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