Playing with Linux :-D

I’ve been playing with my Ubuntu setup. Again.

I had gotten tired of the way I had things in Gnome for a while, and decided to fiddle with the layout. Before, I had 2 panels: the top one with links to programs I use all the time, clock, logout button, notification area, and menubar; and the bottom one with the window list and desktop switcher. Pretty much “standard Gnome” setup.

I decided to switch to one panel, but found that I had too many links. So I fiddled around with drawers (which I love by the way… I wish Windows had this) and also consolidating my links. I also fiddled around with the window list and forced the mininum pixels and the maximum pixels for the “buttons” to be the same size (I was irritated by the window “buttons” changing size all the time). I also got rid of the desktop switcher. I still found I had too little space, so I went to two panels again, this time with both at the bottom. I still wasn’t happy.

So I went back to two, one on the top, one on the bottom. On the top one, I have the menubar, a link to the modem applet, a drawer for all my web apps that I use all the time, the deskbar, a drawer for all my office-type programs, a drawer for my games, the clock, the wastebasket and the logout button. On the bottom, I have the window list, the notification area, and the desktop switcher.

I like it. Here is a picture:


You like my backgroud of Magnum? :-)