Ripping CDs

So…  I’m trying to rip my CD collection onto my computer and I find out that I don’t have the correct codecs for Ubuntu.  I’m off to get the codecs.  Woo.  Not.

I understand why they don’t include the codecs, but it’s irritating when you realize you don’t have them.  I’ve decided to get a new ripper too.  Something called GooBox.  When this is done, I’ll end up having Sound Juicer, Grip and GooBox.  Gotta love it.

I had problems with Sound Juicer.  The program was giving my music this awful popping noise.  I know my CDs aren’t all in perfect condition, but come on.  I don’t like pops and snaps and whatnot in my music.

The Ubuntu Hacks authors recommended Grip.  I tried it but got an error.  Oh well…  I didn’t have the codecs I needed, so I’m getting GooBox, like I mentioned earlier.

I’m doing ogg formats for my CDs.  I want to get all my music on my computer so I can listen to it when I’m on the web or working on my paper, or just playing a game.  I also want it accessible on my Windows partition too, so I can listen when I’m in there too.  After it rips, I’ll just plop it all on the FAT drive so I can get to it in both OSes.

2 thoughts on “Ripping CDs”

  1. I use abcde for ripping to ogg. It’s a command line program, you just type abcde at the command line and it goes through and does everything for you, the only codec package you should need is vorbis-tools, and that’s in apt %)

  2. I looked at in Synaptic for abcde, but didn’t install it. Is there a way to configure it to plop my files where I want them or specify a bitrate?

    I have vorbis-tools as well, but I don’t know why I keep getting error messages with Grip. If I have that, I should be able to rip, right?

    Part of my problem is that I don’t know what I really need. All I want to do is rip to ogg and have decent quality. I keep getting shitty quality with SoundJuicer. Pops, skips, cracks… and this is on my “perfect” CDs… new ones, in fact!

    Thanks. I’ll try abcde. I hope that rips better than SoundJuicer.

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