PBS and Computer Stuff…

So… Channel 19 (the local PBS station) has been out for the past two days. Actually, it just came back around 4-ish this afternoon. I was worried, because there are two shows I want to watch tonight, one about Bill Irwin (Great Performances) and one about Cole Porter (American Masters). Ever since seeing the movie De-Lovely, I’ve wanted to know more about Cole Porter. I love his music. It’s mostly happy.

Anyhoo, I had to watch channel 28 (the PBS station out of Flint) for most of last night. It only was slightly snowy, because it’s been really clear outside recently.

I’m just glad that 19 is back. :)


In other news, there’s a new book out that I may want to either buy or get from the library. Linux Annoyances for Geeks by Micheal Jang looks interesting. If you read the review on slashdot and read the comments, you can see what I’m talking about.

I especially like the comment entitled “Re:#1 Solution”, by kimvette. It is rated +4, Insightful. The comment has many good points, although I count myself in the “lucky group” because I’ve never been blown off in the Ubuntu forums and told to RTFM or GIYF (Read The Fucking Manual or Google Is Your Friend). I can definitely see some people getting irritated with that sort of attitude, and if it persists, F/OSS will have a VERY hard time penetrating the market more than it has.

I know Ubuntu has it’s problems, and can be irritating for somebody not used to the way it works (I was frustrated many times with something that didn’t work “the Windows way”). But (and this is the big but), that’s the fun of it. I’ve had fun getting stuff working. I’ve had loads of fun tweaking my system to do the little things I want it to do. I like the speed of my machine when it runs Ubuntu and Gnome. Actually, I prefer Gnome to KDE, simply because it looks different. If it looks different, then I will remember that “oh, you can’t do this (“the Windows way”) because it won’t work, because you’re not in Windows”. Makes sense, eh?


My brother was thinking about starting a Unix/Linux users group in the Saginaw/Bay/Midland/Flint area. I’d be up for it. It sounds like fun. I’d like to meet other people in the area who use Linux or Unix as a regular part of their job or their home life. I want to meet people who “tweak” and people who want something that JustWorks(TM).


I’m very happy with Dapper. I like the way it feels, I like the new kernel and I like the speed at which things happen. I don’t have a “pimped-out” gaming rig (on-board graphics, 512 RAM, Intel chip-set, etc.) but my computer works for me. All I need it for is to browse ye old web, write documents/spreadsheets/presentations and run SimCity 4 and The Sims. My compie does that, and I’m happy. :) w00t.