New Linux Update


I have Dapper Drake installed on my computer. Amy is much happy with this.

I went to my brother’s apartment yesterday and we did the update over his faster connection at the fraternity house. We got it going without any real hitches.

Then I wanted gaim 2.0beta with guifications and we had to compile it from source. Eeeeeeeek! It took longer than we thought. But, my brother got it working. Yay!

BUT, sound didn’t work in gaim. I got home and signed in and didn’t have any sound. So, I started searching on the forums, and found a couple good threads with the information I needed. So, I have sound and guifications. Yay!

The only thing I have to do is get numlock to be on automatically when I start up Ubuntu. That is minor, and I did it before, but I have to find it again.

I’m off to eat soon. Leftover pizza, here I come!