Well… Life is good.

Ubuntu is installed on my computer. The only thing I need to do now is learn how to use it, get my drives mounted so I can use them from my user account, and get the modem working. That’s it. :-P

I got a call today about apartments. Auburn Hills Apartments called me about leasing opportunities with them. I sent them an email with a couple of questions about them and Patrick Henry. I liked the area, and the people in that office, so I think I’d like to move back there. :) I just hope I get a first floor apartment. I don’t mind the second floor, but moving is a bitch, especially furniture up and down the stairs.

I’m really looking forward to this, cuz I’ll have my own place again, it will be the way I want it, clean the way I like it, and the furniture will be arranged the way I prefer. I’ll be paying more, but for my own place, it’s totally worth it. I’m also not looking forward to it cuz that means I have to pack all my crap up again and move it to another place. Eesh. Oh well… Maybe I’ll get a job in the area and I’ll be able to live there all the time. :)