Yippee Skippie!

I am now officially a GEEK! I have reinstalled Windows XP and reformatted my harddrive into 4 different partitions. I have one for Windows, two for data and programs, and one for Linux. Yes! Linux! Ubuntu, to be exact. My brother has been testing it for me, and I’ll need to get the CD from him so I can install it.

Actually, reinstalling Windows was easier than I thought. I needed to know what I wanted, and I had my brother’s help with that. I’m still operating under SP1, but that’s ok. I’ll eventually get SP2, maybe after I move back to Auburn Hills. Then I can be online all day and not worry about people needing to call.

I did a download of my modem drivers before I even started the reformat and reinstall. I got a gold star in my brother’s book. He was like, “I never would have thought of that!” I was like, “I did!” The only thing I didn’t save was a copy of my bookmarks. Gar! I’ve spent a good part of last night and today getting them all back and organized. I did have an old copy of them, but they had significantly changed from the old copy to the new copy. I guess there are worse things to lose… Like my thesis. :-P